Underground - Overground Waste Container Systems
Waste management and Transfer Systems specialize in the development of solutions and production, underground waste container system of first generating Turkey, our company was founded in 2008 to 10,000 m3 of space in 7,000 m3 off 50 people like contributing to the experienced staff with underground containers and performing production vehicle equipment economies we provide.
All of our activities are served by our experienced professional staff .yeralt and aboveground containers, return containers, medical waste, all kinds determined not to compromise on the quality of the environment in vehicle equipment details the most accurate response to reach the largest hedeflerimizdendir.koşulsuz customer satisfaction, thinking on your behalf who have accepted a task and professional staff, our company is managed entirely customer and quality focused.
Our Aim
The garbage to the environment by leakage path of the liquid contained within the body of the stench and bacteria or by human health and the prevention of harm to the environment, the prevention of animals and collecting the vermin trash containers and mixing, visual in the living areas of waste containers and depressing pollution altogether nicer than our living space by eliminating and ensure livable. Customer satisfaction, quality manufacturing, continuous innovation, we set our principle of unlimited service road.

Konmetal 1 person providing labor savings of fuel collection and garbage collection costs to take on economic figures.

Konmetal terrorist bomb explosions in underground due to the attacks that minimize the potential loss of life and property.

Konmetal not only to the edge of the driveway, walkways inland, green areas inside the park can be easily applied in various areas such as the inner wall of sites on private sites.

Konmetal system of underground waste storage, due to the slowdown in the growth of bacteria in the waste thanks to the cool underground, eliminating the odor problem.

Konmetal contemporary street furniture design is the image of the different needs of the cities, hygienic, environmentally and economically that ensures a more modern professional solid waste management.
Environmental pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems encountered. Let us not forget! Not before time, every step taken on behalf of the environment, will guarantee our future. Active experienced staff who have professionally sound, in the framework of our services on behalf of all of you to achieve the best results. Unlimited is a determination to work. We realized positive results and customer satisfaction is our success to shed light.